We believe counselling services in businesses are becoming more and more recognised as a key requirement for businesses to help with workforce retention and productiviity.  Magnolia House Therapy offers counselling services in addition to workshops and training to businesses. More details can be found on our Employers page.

Schools, Colleges & Universities

There can be a lot of conflicting emotions in the earlier stages of our lives and not everybody can understand or combat these.  We provide an opportunity for children and young people to be heard and to explore matters of concern in a supportive relationship, helping them find the right solutions in a space that is private and safe.  Full details can be found on our schools, colleges & universities page.

Workshops & Training

We offer a range of workshops and training opportunities to meet the needs of businesses and educational institutions.  Please look at our workshops & training page for more details. 


People working in a mentoring or support role should, if following best practice guidelines, have independent supervision.

Magnolia House Therapy can provide this essential service.  Please see our supervision page for more information.