Testimonials about our W
ork with Teenagers and Young Adults

Testimonial from CEO of Skills for Growth

October 2013 "Jackie has been working with our Charity for many years offering a highly flexible and professional counselling service.  Her gentle and supportive manner has made her a huge asset to an organisation working with young people with complex lives.  Jackie has made a huge contribution to our efforts to retain young people on courses and in employment who would otherwise have struggled to maintain engagement in these positive opportunities.  I cannot recommend Jackie highly enough."  Ashley McCaul, CEO, Skills for Growth

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Testimonial for Supervision:

R, September 2013: "If you want excellent service in comfortable relaxed surroundings with a personal touch you won't go wrong with Jackie as your counsellor. Her manner is personable, friendly understanding but always professional. I look forward to gaining insight into my problems and being helped with great decision making ideas without being patronised. Our monthly supervision sessions are a much needed and valuable part ofy job and I always leave feeling reassured."

More Client Testimonials

These testimonials have been extracted from our clients’ feedback. However, please note that due to respect for our clients and their confidentiality, all testimonials have been quoted anonymously. 

W, August 2013 Jacquie Clarke has been a significant factor in the success I now enjoy as a strong, independent, career woman. Initially seeking help from Jacquie as a newly separated, single, working mother who had suffered years of emotional domestic abuse, Jacquie guided me through the chasm of acrimonious divorce and work-related stress and taught me to embrace positivity, confidence and self-worth. The methods Jacquie uses, you take with you into various aspects of your life: home, friends and work. Before you know it, you have a balanced and successful child, a beautiful home, a wonderful social life and a career with all the potential you could wish for. Jacquie sees the potential in you and with her subtle and intelligent coaching methods brings your inner glow to the surface for all to see.

M, January 2012 I have been having therapy with Jackie Clarke for a number of years, and when I first started going to therapy, it was a place that I felt safe and comfortable. It was not just the environment but it was also Jackie who made me feel comfortable, from the outset. Through the time that I have been seeing Jackie, I have gone through so much and explored so much about myself and about the people in my life the relationship that I have with those people, in my life. Through the therapy that I have had with Jackie Clarke, I have learnt to value things more and that includes me. In the time that I have had therapy I have gone through many journeys, and without the time and skills, understanding without judgement of Jackie Clarke, I would not be the person that I am today, I believe that I was meant to be in therapy with Jackie, I do not believe that I would have had the journey that I have had so far if I was with another therapist.       

C, August 2011 I am becoming the true me and not so scared of being her. Thank you.        

CC, August 2011 I was so nervous at the thought of seeing a counsellor, but upon meeting Jackie, I felt totally at ease and relaxed. Attending counselling/life coaching with Jackie for over a year really changed my perspective on life and I learnt a lot about myself and how to cope in the world. My journey started with Jackie. Her approach to counselling/life coaching was so refreshing and uplifting, I wanted to bottle it up and take it home. She has a lovely manner, and a lovely calming influence which enables the client to speak freely and openly in a very safe (and posh) surrounding. Her open-mindedness helped me to free a lot of the issues I was holding onto for so long. Jackie Clarke has some very special gifts and I’m glad I chose her as my therapist. Since moving back to Ireland, I truly miss my sessions with her. When I win the lottery I plan to fly Jackie over to me every week.

H, July 2011 I just wanted to say thank you for an insightful and heart shifting counselling session yesterday. I feel I am in a much better space, I have come to realise that my negative thoughts and voices are actually my friends; they are either warning me of danger ahead of implementing the necessary changes I need to make things better. When I reflect back on my life any significant changes in my life have been preceded by negative thoughts and voices. You have helped me to welcome instead of fear them. 

S, July 2011 Jackie is a very friendly, kind lady. To me she is like a sister/best friend that you wish you had. Jackie has been in the business for a long time so she knows loads of things and has seen plenty of problems. Jackie is always learning new things so she keeps up-to-date and nothing you can say will shock her. I had many issues and Jackie patiently helped me to work through them in the time I had without me having to worry that I have only a set number of sessions with her. In summary, Jackie is a very professional lady who is caring, honest, trustworthy and quite fun too, who does get results.

J, May 2011 I would like to thank Jackie Clarke for all of the help and advice she has given me in order to help me move on from an abusive childhood and marriage." 

L.W, April 2011 I found that my counselling helped me greatly, it helped me overcome my low self-esteem and past incidents that I had not confronted. Jackie was great. She made me feel at ease and was very easy to talk to. She also gave me advice on how to control any lapses in my progress, some of which I still use today. I would recommend counselling to anyone who feels they need it.