What to Expect?

Each individual session is slightly different and is catered purely for the individual client and their needs.

The first consultation will look at what is happening, looking at the problem each individual is faced with.

We will then work together, at a pace that suits you, to bring about changes.

Together we will discuss a way forward that you feel happy and at ease with.

Magnolia House Therapy is located at Magnolia House, a quiet, tranquil setting in which situations can be talked about privately and in confidence.

Here your issues will be listened to empathetically, by experienced professional therapists who will support you in finding the solutions to help you overcome your challenges.

You may find that you only need one session to help you deal with a specific issue or you may need a number of sessions.

Whatever your needs here at Magnolia House we offer a flexible approach.

If you are unable to attend Magnolia House, please do not worry. We are able to offer consultations over the telephone, by email or live chat support.

By providing non-judgmental listening and constructive input the counsellors can offer guidance and help you discover your own resources enabling you to make choices about how to tackle the issues you face.

Magnolia House is a practice that has the experience to assist you in resolving your conflicts and issues to keep you moving forwards.

Please contact us in confidence to discuss how we can assist you.