Spiritual Healing

At Magnolia House, we are able to offer our clients Spiritual Healing sessions. Spiritual Healing aims to balance a person on all levels – emotionally, mentally, spiritually and physically. At Magnolia House we believe that one of the key things associated with Spiritual Healing is that the process of the therapy is healing without the use of remedies or medicines. Healing occurs solely through the use of energy. Spiritual Healing channels a form of energy that cannot be seen or felt but is the essence of all living things.

This is known as bringing the Chakras (Sanskrit word for wheel) into balance, releasing negative and blocked energies. This results in a deep feeling of wellbeing upon individuals/your whole self both mentally and physically.

At Magnolia House all forms of spiritual therapy are non-invasive. We rely solely on natural remedies - no form of medication is used. We believe that we are able to channel and direct energy to our clients in a way that brings them both benefit and relief from their negative emotions.