Counselling for Education

Magnolia House Therapy offers a counselling service to schools, colleges and universities, aiming to meet the needs of the upcoming generation.

We believe that in this day and age there are a lot of social battles, especially with the rise of social networking and the ever growing desire for perfection.

We help Children, Teenagers and Young Adults: 
  • Struggling with life experience, studies, exams
  • Dealing with bereavement
  • Who are self-harming
  • Who are being bullied or have been a victim of bullying
  • Having difficulties with family relationships
  • At risk of school exclusion
  • Who go missing from home, college or work
  • Who are engaged in anti-social behaviour
  • Who are misusing substance
  • Who are on the verge of or are already offending
  • At risk of placement breakdown
  • At risk of going into local authority care. 

Working with Young People in Education

We have worked with the Youth Engagement Service in Bexley for over ten years, consistently receiving positive feedback and reviews, an essential requirement in order to continue working with the team.

We work also with Skills for Growth, supporting young adults to attain qualifications by offering counselling, coaching, coping strategies and workshops for Self-esteem and Confidence Building, Drug Awareness, Alcohol Awareness and Sexual Health Awareness. We help young people through their personal issues and barriers they may have towards learning, helping them to grasp their independence and qualify or move on to further training.