Counselling in Business

Many companies both in the public and private sector provide a counselling facility as part of an Employee Assistance Programme. Indeed it is becoming best practice for all employers to provide access to a counsellor. 

Surveys consistently show that counselling provided through the workplace reduces employee absence levels. 

At Magnolia House we believe taking care of the emotional wellbeing of your staff is the key to a more profitable business.

Not everyone can leave their problems at the door when they arrive at work. And if those problems get worse, it can have a serious impact on your time, resources, customers and profits.

Having a confidential resource available to help your workforce maintain emotional and psychological wellbeing can only reap dividends for your business in the long run.

Our Corporate Experience

Magnolia House Therapy has worked with the BUPA Wellness Employee Assistance Service for 10 years through our Senior Counsellor Jacquelyn Clarke.  Continued positive feedback is a requirement to be able to continue working on this programme.

Jacquelyn also piloted a scheme with the civilian department of the Metropolitan Police Service, teaching counselling skills as well as personal development. The objective here was for these individuals to become a confidential ear within the force to listen to grievances and other issues.  This scheme is still in use today.


Magnolia House Therapy offers businesses:

 • A tailor-made counselling package to suit every organisation.

 • Therapy days to help boost productivity and well-being.
 • Workshops to teach basic counselling skills for in-house mentoring/employee assistance

Please contact us to discuss how we can help you/your organisation maintain a happier and more productive workplace.