Stress Therapy

Stress is a frequently used word and identifies times when external influences make you feel you are not in control of your life.  It touches everybody at some point in their life.

It could be you feel stressed about taking exams, or presenting to a wide audience, or tackling a problem with a loved one or perhaps you are finding work problematical.  It could even be attributed to something that has happened in your personal history.

Chronic or intense stress can impact on relationships, work performance and lead to anxiety and/or depression. 

You may find yourself feeling frequently irritated and unable to concentrate.  Or perhaps you are having negative thoughts and/or difficulty sleeping.  It can affect your motivation, libido, appetite, moods and social activities.

Physical symptoms are often attributed to stress.  Examples being high blood pressure, headaches, muscle tension, aches and pains, skin disorders, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), digestive problems.

At Magnolia House we help you understand what you are doing to maintain high stress, which of your behaviours are causing you to feel stress and then work with you to develop techniques to reduce stress and improve your emotional wellbeing.