Treatments Available

The wide range of therapies and treatments we offer at Magnolia House Therapy allows us to provide a bespoke and individual service to each of our clients.  We discuss and agree your treatment plan at the outset and as you make progress.

Just having someone to talk to who listens and does not judge can make all the difference.

Counselling for Education:
Young people struggling with life events or changes will find they can talk to us.

Counselling in Business:
A happy, motivated workforce means a productive workforce.

Stress Therapy:
We teach you ways to deal with stress that best suit your emotional personality.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT):
Here we delve into why you respond negatively to situations and help you turn these responses into positive ones.

Life Coaching:
We all have times when we feel stuck. Life coaching helps you remember or realise your goals, understand how realistic they are and how you can achieve them.

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP):
NLP explores the link between behaviour and communication both verbal and non-verbal and provides techniques to professionals and individuals to harmonise situations and responses.

Hynotherapy helps you communicate simply and directly with your own unconscious mind, in a very relaxed state.  This allows you to remove underlying subconscious beliefs.

Time Line Therapy®:
Time Line Therapy is similar to NLP; it helps you make sense of your experiences and change your understanding of how negative emotions and limiting beliefs can affect you.

Spiritual Healing:
Your chakras and energies may need balancing and our non-invasive spiritual therapy can help you release negative and blocked energies.

Reiki Healing:
Reiki can relieve pain and loosen blocked energy, promoting total relaxation.  It can also be used for self healing. Daily self treatments will maintain well being, reduce stress and encourage the body’s natural healing abilities.

Indian Head Massage:
Muscles in our neck and shoulders often tighten as a result of emotional and physical stress. Indian Head Massage helps by using a variety of stimulating and tension-releasing techniques.

Psychotherapy helps you deal with difficulties or distress through talking about situations you find have a negative impact on your emotional and psychological wellbeing, and finding more appropriate ways of dealing with of dealing with these situations.